Coronavirus - what does it mean for shipping? 
The outbreak and spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has generated headlines across the globe. The human impact is tragic and has required an international response in an attempt to contain its spread. We take a brief look at some of the potential issues for the maritime industry. Read more 
Opinion - Lloyd's Open Form 
What do the amendments to LOF really mean? Was there an opportunity to do more? Jim Allsworth gives his view on how LOF works in practical terms and what might be done to improve it for all. Read more 
Amendments to Lloyd's Open Form 
Lloyd's has completed its review of the Lloyd's Standard Form of Salvage Agreement - the Lloyd's Open Form or LOF - and the new version has been published, together with the associated Lloyd's Salvage Arbitration Clauses - LSAC 2020. We take a look at the key changes. Read more 
Logjam - NOR, freight and demurrage - London Arbitration 22/19 
London Arbitration 22/19 [(2019) 1040 LMLN 1] involved a log carrier chartered for a part cargo. Owners agreed to change the original disport in return for increased freight, and later claimed about $89,000. Charterers countered for over $55,000, and demurrage was central amid many issues arising from a seeming straightforward fixture. Read more 
C Solutions and TCI to merge Greek activities 
C Solutions are pleased to announce that we are to merge our Greek activities with Piraeus based marine claims consultant Transport Counsellors International (TCI). Read more  
Better to be compliant then reliant - tendering NOR and demurrage 
Tender of a valid NOR is usually vital in order to trigger the start of laytime, and those who fail often resort to notions of estoppel and ostensible agency, matters which also arose in our article “Who Is Whose Broker?”. Though concerning a sale contract rather than a charterparty, London Arbitration 10/19 again suggests that such arguments seldom succeed, and highlights the importance of meeting all prerequisites to valid tender. Read more 
Men of straw? Breach of charterparty and exercise of lien 
The award in London Arbitration 20/18 [(2018) 1012 LMLN 2] is a reminder on several often related matters, as it considers demurrage amid breach of charterparty, non payment of freight, tender of NOR and later valid exercise of lien. Read more 
Who is whose broker? 
At first it looks like just another time limitation wrangle, but London Arbitration 19/18 [(2018) 1010 LMLN 3] also offers insight into differing roles within a familiar broking structure and a brief look at some of the law of agency. Read more 
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