When a marine casualty occurs, much of the damage - the loss of life, personal injury, property damage and operational disruption - is apparent in tangible form. Other less tangible forms of damage, such as crew stress and trauma and the effects they can have on a return to normal operations, are less tangible. C Solutions are pleased to support a new approach to investigative interviewing called Trauma-Informed Interviewing in a Marine Setting, or TIMS for short. 
Our recent newsletter describes the TIMS approach to casualty investigation and the interview processes. The aims of the TIMS are: 
To obtain more complete and better quality information and evidence from crew interviewees 
To actively support their wellbeing as part of the interviewing process 
To use the involvement of a TIMS investigator, backed up by a clinical psychologist, to provide support and guidance for all crew and a pathway for on-going, more structured, psychological support 
C Solutions is pleased to support Recall Recover and the TIMS model, which we are convinced will be of great benefit to crew members being interviewed when they are at their most vulnerable.  
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